Untagged or custom firmware build cc3d

untagged or custom firmware build cc3d

untagged or custom firmware build cc3d

 · Yellow triangle with exclamation mark and tool-tip "Untagged or custom firmware build" is not an error, in fact if you build GCS and firmware yourself you will see this. Don't bother by this. Unless it says that your firmware does not match GCS version. Even though LibrePilot is a fork of OpenPilot, it is not compatible. You can't use settings from OpenPilot. You have to do full settings erase ...

 · So figured i'd see how dated the software on my CC3D board was then noticed on the OpenPilot Fourmns that it has been ... And a few new features in the UI from the version I updated to. and firmware shows untagged or custom firmware build. Overall seems to work fine. Dec 16, 2015, 08:46 PM #7; CBRrunner. CBRrunner. CBRrunner. does it do gps assisted flight? Jul 06, 2016, 07:17 …

After modifying this file, you only need to build your firmware again and you will have your own customized version with all and only the features that you need. Final considerations As has been said several times in this document, when you activate a feature disabled by the developers, you can overcharge the processor, or include a bug in your firmware version.

Custom Quadcopter X525/CC3D Build. December 22, 2014. After having dabbled in R/C for awhile now, I figured I'd take a stab at a quadcopter build. The Phoenix R/C 5 flight simulator I use has one in it that I've played around with and it's super easy to fly so I figured it would be a fun project. They practically fly themselves, and that's where I find the firmware in these things fascinating ...

Also it looks like the date check clause doesn't work, needs to be checked.

The firmware for your OP boards is packaged within the GCS download. To update the firmware on the various OpenPilot boards follow these steps: Uninstall any previous versions of OpenPilot GCS; Install the latest OpenPilot GCS version (available from the previous page of this Wiki, the Downloading and Installing Ground Control Station page)

Ah thanks for the reply, I am still working on this bit so the info is very welcome. I tried briefly the Custom firmware but it was in a hex file and I can't seem to flash my cc3d through clean flight, it just closes the port. And to flash through open pilot it wants a bin file..

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